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paping: Comics take a long time to make

John has some more process photos of The Puerto Rican War up on his blog. Check them out. 

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paping: Campos Speech

John Mejias has posted some new images from his book, The Puerto Rican War, which we’ll be publishing. It looks great and we’re pretty excited to see it in print!

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Thinking about race and Latinidad


Earlier this year I wrote a post asserting that ethnicity is not equivalent to race. And in the United States, we tend to get it twisted.

I’ve given a lot of thought to my own experiences with racism, as a light-skinned Mestiza. I’m finding that actually, much of what I’ve experienced looks a…

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If at any point something goes askew, then the disorder spreads, chaos opens beneath our feet.

Italo Calvino, If on a winter’s night a traveler


I’m reblogging all of the entries to the composition competition -FS


HACIENDA - Dave Ortega
Entry for Frank Santoro’s Comics Workbook Competition 2013

If you haven’t read Dave Ortega’s brilliant (and award-winning) comic, take a couple minutes to do it soon. It’s wonderful. 


The first page of my comic about color-blindness, parenting, and Latinidad. 


The first page of my comic about color-blindness, parenting, and Latinidad. 

Submissions Open!

Bien Vestido Press is currently seeking submissions from Latina cartoonists! Please check out the submission guidelines below. If you have any questions, you can email us at 

We are currently seeking submissions of narrative comics by Latina cartoonists. 


We’re looking for comics with a sustained narrative. We love stories and characters, and we want to be able to spend some time getting to know your characters, the world they inhabit, what haunts them, and what they struggle with. We’re a press dedicated to the art of narrative, however you define that. 

We love well-crafted narratives and thought-provoking visual explorations. We’re looking for stories that make us laugh and cry. We especially want stories that shake the foundation on which we stand: ones that make use ask questions about what it means to be human. 

We also really love mini-comics that challenge the format of comics and sequential art. 

If it’s helpful, here are some cartoonists we love: John Mejias, Warren Craghead III, Dave Ortega, Manu Larcenet, Simon Moreton, L. Nichols, Jordan Crane, Pascal Girard, Theo Ellsworth, Anders Nilsen, Melissa Mendes, Drew Weing

This isn’t a comprehensive list, and it doesn’t mean that we only want to publish comics like these creators. They’re actually all quite different, except that their work carries a certain weight to it. These cartoonists make comics that resonate: their work means more than it says.


We are looking for work that can be published in 5.5″x8.5″, black and white, between 16-32 pages. If you have something that falls outside these bounds, but you really think we should see it, then send it anyway, and include a note. We print and bind in-house, with a Risograph machine and our hands.


If you have something you’d like us to look at, you can send an email with a link/attachment of the finished work (or the work-in-progress) to Please, please, please, tell us a little bit about yourself with your submission. We are as interested in publishing you as we are your work.

You can address submissions to Jarod, as he’ll probably be the one fetching them from the inbox.


We pay the artists we work with, take no copyright or exclusive printing rights, and provide as many author’s copies as we can. 

Broken Bear, Broken Bear, What’s Wrong With You? 

The Risograph is up and running which means Bien Vestido is a functioning press as of today. And to commemorate it, we’re releasing our first book made completely in-house, Broken Bear, Broken Bear, What’s Wrong With You? by Jarod Rosello. There are only 8 copies in existence, and they’ll be for sale at Jarod’s table at Locust Moon Fest in Philadelphia this Saturday. 

In the coming months, we’ll be soliciting manuscripts from Latin@ cartoonists who have been on our radar for a while (some of whom we’ve been in contact with). We’re also going to be looking to start up an anthology of comics and writing that we’ll have open submissions for.

Cartoonists of Color at SPX


One of the things I’d really like to do is to get together with other cartoonists of color at SPX. It would be nice to know one another, maybe have a mailing list we could use to collaborate on projects, propose panels, etc. 

How might I go about doing this and would anyone be interested?